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1. Home


"Learning Spanish is a wonderful journey that lasts a lifetime."

Learning a language should be fun, spontaneous and experiential. At LIVING SPANISH we make sure people enjoy, learn and live the Spanish language and culture to its fullest.

Our friendly, relaxed program, based in the centre of multicultural Toronto, walks you through from beginner to advanced, giving you the skills you need to understand and be understood everyday in the real world.

More than just a place to learn and improve your skills, LIVING SPANISH offers a cultural and experiential approach to language. Through activities such as Spanish in the Market, Spanish over Lunch, Street Spanish and our Spanish Café social series, we take you beyond the classroom into the real world of living Spanish.

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2. Spanish Programs

Our program is designed to teach you the language of everyday life—your life. Our goal is to make the learning process engaging by using real-life scenarios to build vocabulary, ensuring that what you learn is meaningful to you, whether traveling, meeting people, shopping, or doing business.

The Living Spanish program is based on the communicative approach, which focuses on the use of language in everyday situations, stressing the functional aspects of language, over formal structures.

Our course consists of 3 levels, each with 6 corresponding sub-levels:


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1. Classes & Fees

Group Classes (4 to 8 people)

Duration: 4-week-program ( 2 hours once a week)
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm ,7:00 - 9:00 (weekdays)
Level: All levels
Cost: $100

Duration: 4-week-program ( 1.5 hours twice a week)
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 5:00 - 6:30 pm or 7:00- 8:30 pm
Level: All levels
Cost: $150

Private Group Classes

Got a social group or club? Going traveling with friends? Our private group classes are fun, social events. Learn with friends in the casual atmosphere of your own home (or location of your choice). From wine tasting and tapas to picnics, our low-stress private group classes are always fun. From absolute beginner to conversational, learn at your own pace and have fun at the same time.

One student pays $60
Two students pay $70
Three students pay $80
Four to eight students pay $90

Conversational Classes (5 to 8 people)

Increase your conversational skills with lessons that emphasize communication and comprehension. Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish; grammar is explained only when necessary, and emphasis is on pronunciation and natural, everyday conversation.

This course is designed for students who have already been exposed to Spanish and want to reinforce their language skills.

Duration: 4-week-program ( 1.5 hours once a week)
Days: Mondays
Time: 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Cost: $60 (4-week-program), $20 (class pay as you go)

One-on-One Classes

Learn faster with the personal attention of a private tutor. Classes are taught and scheduled to suit your needs, and move at your own pace.
Cost: $40/hour at school, $80 at your home or office.

Corporate Classes

How can we help your business? Communication is key to building the relationships and trust that lead to success and results. In today's global community, a working knowledge of your business partner's language is a valuable asset.

If you are doing business in Spanish-speaking markets or investigating new opportunities, even a basic level of conversational Spanish will help you build a successful rapport with your Spanish- speaking clients, colleagues or counterparts.

Living Spanish can help with:

One student pays $60
Two students pay $70
Three students pay $80Four to eight students pay $90

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3. Spanish In Action

These interactive experiences are an extension of our group, one-on-one and conversational classes. These are designed to expose you to Spanish as a living language. You'll be given the opportunity to go into the community and practice your Spanish far beyond the classroom environment.

Spanish in the Market
Restaurant Spanish
Street Spanish
Cooking in Spanish
Spanish Yoga Class (in summer)

Workshops last 2 hours; costs vary by activity.

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4. Spanish Cafe Nights

Whether you are bilingual or a complete beginner, our Spanish Café nights are the best introduction to our community. Come and meet people with a common interest in Spanish while experiencing a piece of Latin culture.

Each event has a theme and includes food, music and more; past events have included Cuban Night (mojitos, ropa vieja, cigar rolling), Mexican Night (mariachi, chimichangas, margaritas) and Tapas Night. There is no commitment, the atmosphere is un-intimidating, and groups include both beginners and native speakers.

Cost ranges from $25 to $30, which includes some food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and other activities.

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2. Testimonials

"…a wonderful way to practice the language; an intimate, interactive experience
… with wonderful food and drink as well. And, as the drinks flow, entertainment!
Maravilloso!… The people are very eager to practice their Spanish, which is
excellent for us beginners. And I love the environment: a natural, social context
in which to communicate"
Keelan Smith
Technical Architect

"It's a great way to learn the language – providing a relaxed atmosphere in which
to listen and practice speaking Spanish. Everyone is very friendly and the food is
great… The activities are designed to help everyone – intermediate and
advanced speakers are given the opportunity practice speaking, while beginners
accustom themselves to listening and immersing themselves in the language"
Kieron O'Dea
Television News

"I think it is a fantastic opportunity to practice the language in a comfortable
and friendly environment…it is not intimidating, making it suitable for both
advanced and beginner students"
Tenma Fruitman
Fashion Designer

"As a native Spanish speaker I guess students will appreciate it! ... these are an
excellent opportunities to have a real -not book-guided- chat with native Spanish
speakers from around the globe, but without leaving your city"
Miguel Ángel Santos

"I look forward to it – know that the energy is always high (lot to do with you
Rosa) – great combo of drinks, dinner and fun conversation with many people….
I really love these nights"
Jessica Tudos
Consultant, Artist

"a pleasant and motivating way to learn Spanish… More than one native speaker
was present. The venue was pleasan
t. The tango demo and the wine and meal
from a latin country added value"
Danielle Dupont

"I had a blast. Lots of fun and nice people"
Bryan Lavers

"Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly hostess"
Karin Comstock

"Very friendly group of interesting people -- it was great having native speakers
in the group"
Lynn Tabaska
Publications Manager (Ministry of the Attorney General)

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5. Spanish Abroad

For us, Living Spanish is more than just a name. We understand that to truly speak and understand a language, one must live it every day. And there is no better way to do this than by studying Spanish abroad.

Indeed, for many of our students it was travel in the Spanish-speaking world that first inspired them to discover the language.

We offer a doorway to a whole new world through: a week or a month exchanges with language schools in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain.

Depending on your goal we offer a range of programs combine with activities for your enjoyment, such as Spanish + Voluntarism, Spanish + windsurfing, Spanish + kitesurfing, Spanish + Scuba diving.

All our sister schools has been carefully chosen to ensure they meet our high standards.

For more information, please contact us at

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6. About the Founder

"By teaching students on two continents – and being a student of English myself – I realize how much more there is to a language than the grammar you learn in school. Language needs to meet culture to be complete."

With more than ten years of experience teaching languages, Rosa Maria Tortorici is the founder of Living Spanish. Rosa hails from Venezuela, where she received her degree in education from Caracas Universidad Nacional Experimental "Simón Rodríguez." After teaching English at the university and being the language coordinator for one of Venezuela's largest international corporation, Rosa came to Canada in 2002.

Through Rosa Maria's own experience learning English, she developed a belief that the best way to learn a language is to envelope oneself in the local culture. After designing and teaching "survival" and conversational Spanish at the Y.M.C.A, plus teaching and counselling students at several institutions, Rosa Maria launched her own academy, Living Spanish.

Rosa Maria's philosophy: Language need not be boring or rigid, but rather fun, spontaneous and experiential. Her passion for language, culture, food and all things Latin infuses her classes with an easygoing, contagious enthusiasm.

Now in its sixth year, Living Spanish recently introduced the popular Spanish Café social series to reflect Rosa Maria's "living language" approach. These unique cultural events complement her interactive Spanish in the Market and Spanish at the restaurant.

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7. Job opportunities

We are always looking for experienced Spanish instructors. If you are interested in working for us, please forward a copy of your resume to

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8. Contact Us

For more information, please call us at (416) 833-7779 or email us at

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